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A Perfect Summers End Wedding at BMGR

At the end of August, two Boulder Town locals Garin and Haylee Apperson tied the knot on BMGR grounds. It was a special wedding for everyone including BMGR staff because it was basically a big town party where everyone knew each other and we all got to know the bride [...]

Breakfast at Sweetwater Kitchen!

Breakfast is back at Sweetwater Kitchen. Now you really have a reason to get your butt up on those weekend mornings. Available to both Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch's guests and the public on Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings from 7am to 9am. There's classic options featuring our fresh and organic eggs [...]

Boulder’s Annual Heritage Festival

Boulder is a place with quite a lot of Heritage. The small town now known as Boulder started out as a secret among cattle ranchers as the best place for their cattle to roam and eat plenty. Soon enough the cat was out of the bag and more and more [...]

We owe it all to the BEAVERS!

In the last 6 years the Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch property has changed dramatically. We are lucky enough to have seen the transformation of this landscape firsthand. There are now thriving wetlands, creating new and strengthening existing ecosystems in which wildlife is able to take root, including a magnificent blue [...]

Soil Lab

Living here in Sunny Boulder Utah, it doesn't take long to form a deep love for the remarkable land that surrounds us. With all the diversity and abundance that our environment provides, the least we can do is make an effort to heal and repair our home. At Boulder Mountain [...]

The Garden is Thriving!

The garden has been a labor of love. Our 100% organic garden has been transforming for several years from a plot of land where only weeds could grow to a lush and nourishing abundance of nutritional plants. The garden has taught many of us at the Ranch valuable lessons in [...]