We are proud to offer the following activities on-site and throughout the property:


                                                       Waterfall ~10-15 minutes

This hike will lead you down through the lower fields and the arroyo, rich with bio-diverse vegetation, a variety of birds, beaver ponds, and lots of wild mint at the top of the waterfall.

Wetlands Restoration Project  ~45 – 1 hour

This hike will take you through our educational walk that highlights the many land and water restoration projects that have been completed over the last several years. From creating wetland ponds sourced from the many springs on the property, erosion control terraced gardens, to the restoration work done on Sweetwater Creek that transformed a small dilapidated stream into a meandering creek with pools, spillways and incredible rock work. The trail also takes you along the beaver ponds and through the various native tree, shrub and seeding which boasts over 7,000 plants and 3,000 pounds of native seed.

Sand Creek/Sweetwater Confluence ~3.5 – 4.5 hours 

This hike continues past the waterfall on the property and follows a horse trail that leads you through the beginnings of the Grand Staircase National Monument. You continue the walk along the top of a ravine through multi-colored slick rock. The trail takes you past a monolithic hoodoo and then over slick rock trail until you hit the confluence of the two creeks, surrounded by Ponderosa pine trees in slick rock canyons. It’s a very picturesque place to dip into the creek and soak your toes in the crisp clean water coming directly off Boulder Mountain.

We are proud to offer medicinal and edible plant identification guidebooks for your own perusal, as well as bird guides for all the abundant wildlife on the property.



Reservations Required. Inquiries can be made through BMGR front desk or by contacting Constance Lynn through her website:


Yoga is offered privately or for groups over 5 people. Yoga is taught on our deck by our event space that overlooks the arroyo and beaver ponds with the Grand Staircase as your backdrop. In addition, there is also a space inside that can hold up to 8 students.

Yoga mats provided.

Price for group: $15 per person. Private $75


Property Plant Walk (Guided):

Advanced Reservations Required.

Contact Constance Lynn at www.nightravenholistichealth.com to schedule a guided hike.

Throughout the property and in the Boulder area there are a wide diversity of wild, medicinal plants found in the mountain, riparian and high desert ecosystems. Their medicine offers us a direct relationship with the Earth where the mystery of healing begins. Plant medicine provides us with optimum wellness on a daily basis as well as deep healing when illness or disease arises.

On this wild and medicinal plant walk you will learn about the plants of this region and how to deepen your relationship with plants as our relatives and allies in healing.

Walks at Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch, 3 hours at $50/person with a minimum of three people.

Off-site day walks (approx. 7 hours) $125/person with a minimum of 3 people.

Garden Tours:

Tours of our garden are available seasonally. Our head gardener can give you a customized tour of our garden in action, showcasing what’s available for the season. Ask the front desk to set up your tour!

Horseback Riding:horseback riding

Advanced reservations required. Please call Breck and Becky at 435-335-7581 to book a ride.

BMGR does not own nor operate the horseback riding trips.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rider, Hell’s Backbone Ranch and Trail will be sure to create an exciting and fun ride while seeing the natural scenic beauty of the area. They offer 2 hour, half day and full day rides right from their corral that is located approximately 200 ft. from the Main Lodge. Children under 10 are not allowed to ride.


Bird Watching:

Whether you’re a bird enthusiast or just curious about the flighty feathery creatures that are abundant on the property this is a great leisure day activity. The property boasts over 40 beaver ponds full of biodiverse vegetation that attract many different species of birds as well as our wetland ponds created in May of 2018.

We are proud to offer bird identification books at the front desk for you to use around the property.


Fire and S’mores (Bring your Own):

Come enjoy the starry nights or a moon lit sky while sitting by the fire pit located in front of the Main lodge.
Roast marshmallows or create a s’more (an American classic) with graham crackers and chocolate. 
S’more supplies may be available at our store located at the front desk, but it’s best that you plan ahead and grab some before arriving at BMGR.



Live Music in the Dining Room:

Every Tuesday, Thursday and often other nights too, we are proud to offer live performances at Sweetwater Kitchen. Make your reservation today!


Board Games:

Games are offered in our Great Room. Games are for kids, families and adults. There is plenty of space in the great room to play while overlooking the incredible scenery.

Yard Games:

BMGR offers a variety of yard games such as horseshoes, badminton, soccer, bocce ball and croquet. Games can be played on the front lawn, which is approximately 20,000 square feet.