Meet the Team

Brandie Hardman

Brandie Headshot-1Brandie Hardman is head operator along with husband Ron Johnson. She’s a certified Permaculture Design Consultant with two certificates and has also studied under Brock Dolman, a Food Forest Design specialist and with Dr. Elaine Ingham, one of the world’s top Soil Microbiology experts. With such knowledge, Brandie has developed a driving passion to create a sustainable educational center at BMGR, where both visitors and residents of Boulder can achieve a continuing education based on the ideas of earth care, organic food production and holistic living.

Along with her background in marketing for Red Bull, Clearwire and Reality Sandwich, Brandie is able to offer creative and inspirational entertainment events. Her other passions include hiking the surrounding desert landscape, skiing the mountains, loving her two tabby cats, and surfing the waves whenever she gets a chance. Brandie has been living in Boulder since 2008.

Ron Johnson

ron-on-guitar-smRon Johnson was born in 1961 in South Florida and is Co-owner of Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch. Through a series of events, he found himself in the west; Salt Lake City. Since then he has always held southern Utah close to his heart, so when Ron & Brandie met they made Boulder one of their top destinations.
Formally Ron is a business-man and is currently invested in several ventures which include Short Line railroad in SLC, Co-op member of the Great Salt Lake Brine Shrimp company, co-owner of Aseda Honey, all while working on a project with Dr. Elaine Ingham in the remediation shrimp farms in Vietnam.

Ron’s vision for the ranch encompasses a holistic approach where the entire ranch supplies everything for all residents and guests. Ron enjoys hiking, fine arts, produced music and live events and has a passion for creating sustainable businesses and taking care of the community.

Pat Hogle

Pat is co-owner of Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch. Entrepreneurial businessman, back country skier, river runner, mountain biker. Outdoor enthusiast…basically an all around adventurist.

The Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch Team

Omar is our ranch-hand extraordinaire who keeps BMGR running; one of his favorite things to do is make custom furniture from local wood.

Amy has a huge heart and loves working toward a better way in everything she does in regard to the environment. When she isn’t busy in the kitchen she is actively seeking the best experience for any and all on the ranch.

Brad is the kitchen sous-chef. He enjoys perfecting his role in the kitchen and particularly loves baking.

Eva co-manages Sweetwater Kitchen and bakes cheesecakes and tarts for the dessert menu. She’s also Sweetwater’s head server.

Eric is our head-chef at Sweetwater Kitchen. Besides Ron & Brandie, he has lived at the ranch the longest and cooking great food is his heart’s desire.

Marielos is our head housekeeper this year at the Ranch. She loves living in Boulder and helping out above-and-beyond with the upkeep of our beautiful home.