Boulder Town, Utah is a tight-knit community within one of the most beautiful backdrops in the world. In this tiny town, everyone knows each other and is invested in sharing what they have with their fellow neighbors. Most of the residents of Boulder grow their own food and raise their own livestock, and it is ALL organic. If you live here and you’re not a farmer, then you’re a musician, artist, adventurous explorer and a lover of this pristine area.

The community can be best seen at our weekly farmer’s market, which is every Saturday during the months of May thru September. Locals gather to share their organic vegetables, fresh foods, hand-made crafts, art and of course there’s live music from one of the community-members. Several community based events attract the essence of the town such as our July 4 celebration, Heritage Festival and our beloved Harvest festival. The sense of community and being a part of something so unique is truly something special.

Boulder is set right inside the Escalante-Grand Staircase National Monument, which is a huge tract of gorgeous desert wilderness. The hiking and outdoor activity opportunities are absolutely endless. Iconic Highway 12 cuts right through the heart of Boulder and is named one of the most scenic highways in the entire country. If you are into archaeology or geology, this area will be of interest as it contains endless ancient petroglyphs and pictographs and you can visibly see 275 million years of earth’s history in the rock layers. All of this comes together to make Boulder a true diamond in the rough.

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