History – Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch

They always say that legend comes from story. But this story is founded on a legend that, many years from now, will become a part of history, or “his-story”. It started with two young men meeting at the young age of thirteen; Ron Johnson and Pat Hogle. Little did they know at the time that they would grow up and become best friends, start many successful businesses together, and inspire so many along the way.

Many years ago the two high school rebels, frequently visited the Escalante and Boulder areas to explore, fish and hike. Photographs of them in their running shorts, cowboy boots and cowboy hats, long hair (Ron) and youthful innocence capture a time when Boulder was still a place, undiscovered by many, long before the Grand Staircase became a National Monument, where one could embrace the spirit of un-charted land. Similarities to the legend and the characters seeded in stories about outlaws and charmers much like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Kind, lovers of life, fair in their dealings, yet less than fond of those who “done people wrong”. Throughout the years the two, along with a good friend Jim Hurley became entrepreneurs, creating opportunity and accepting challenges, strategically building a proprietary lifestyle that blossomed from their integrity. In addition to their success in business, which plays into this long lasting friendship, keeping each youthful in spirit, is their appreciation of recreation. Whether skiing, surfing, climbing, biking, hiking, canyoneering, skinning, kayaking, river running, or fly fishing, these adventures have intertwined in both work and play.

Many years later a little lady came into the picture: Brandie. Ron and Brandie met, and, as many classic love stories go…it was love at first sight. When the two met they were so excited about their adoration of Southern Utah that both wanted to share their favorite places. Brandie took Ron to Goblin Valley and Ron took her to the Boulder Escalante region. The overnight hike into Sand Creek’s untamed beauty, combined with Ron’s passion of the area, created a fondness of this land, which grew into a lifetime of two-fold dedication.

When deciding where to get married both Ron and Brandie knew that “this was the place”(Boulder). They were married on October 6, 2006 on the Harvest Moon. Their wedding, held during a 500 year rainstorm, was indicative of their passionate and wild union. A triple rainbow emerged right before the ceremony, a sign of the natural wonderment they would share for many years to come. As vows were spoken, Ron and Brandie both promised to dedicate their talents and resources to making a real difference and helping to create a better world.

After several more backpacking trips, staging their base at BMGR as guests at the time, it was put up for sale. The land was proposed to be broken up to acre lots and developed into home sites. Looking out from Cabin 3 on a starry night both were heartbroken at the realization the Ranch would be destroyed and their time was limited.

By their surprise and delight the land deal fell though and Brandie received a phone call from the former managers informing them that the land once again was for sale. The phone call came while sitting in the car with Ron, at Pat’s hangar, on their way to Montana. Brandie mentioned the phone call and two days later Pat and Ron were meeting with the owners of Boulder Mountain Ranch, Sioux and Bob Cochran.

In 2008 Ron and Pat purchased Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch and eventually the 170 acres that surrounds it, marking the beginning of something magical. Since that time the property has been growing in positive, Earth and life enhancing ways. Led with a goal in mind of creating healthy land, quality experience and healthy abundance.

Education of permaculture and the application of sustainable practices while stewarding the land has become a driving force, thoughtfully transforming the Ranch. From the return of the beavers reviving the riparian zones to the dedication of creating healthy compost hence healthy soils, water restoration and better water management practices, growing 100% organic non-GMO foods, to hosting retreats with transformational artists and authors, to providing concerts and entertainment, to educational workshops this place has become a hub of creativity, growth and love…a reflection of the vision.

We are excited for the future and what it will unfold. As all those that come to visit, live, and become a part of this Ranch we hope that you will be inspired, as we have.