Being so close to the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, amazing hikes are not too hard to come by. But did you know there are great hikes on the Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch property?

Waterfall ~10-15 minutes

This hike will lead you down through the lower fields and the arroyo, rich with bio-diverse vegetation, a variety of birds, beaver ponds, and lots of wild mint at the top of the waterfall. It begins at the psiloon and drops into a newly completed, beautiful stone walkway that proceeds to a bridge leading over the marshy wetland that our beavers helped to create. After a short climb you are back onto level ground, through a grassy meadow full of local vegetation. Listen and you will hear a variety of birds, and you may even spot the blue herron that has made our ranch our home. Just keep following the arrows and you will shortly arrive at the waterfall. This is a great place to have a small lunch or read a book in the sunlight.

Wetlands Restoration Project  ~45 – 1 hour

This hike will take you to our educational walk that highlights the many land and water restoration projects that have been completed over the last several years. From creating wetland ponds by the many springs on the property, to erosion control terraced gardens, to the restoration work done on Sweetwater Creek that transformed a small dilapidated stream into a meandering creek with pools, spillways and incredible rock work. The trail also takes you along the beaver ponds and through the various native tree, shrub and seeding which boasts over 7,000 plants and 3,000 pounds of native seed.

Sand Creek/Sweetwater Confluence ~3.5 – 4.5 hours

This hike continues past the waterfall on the property on a horse trail that leads you through the beginning of the Grand Staircase National Monument. You walk along the top of a ravine through multi-colored slick rock. The trail takes you past a monolithic hoodoo and then over slick rock trail until you hit the confluence of the two creeks. Surrounded by Ponderosa pine trees in slick rock canyons. It’s a very picturesque place to dip into the creek and soak your toes in the crisp clean water coming directly off Boulder Mountain.