Come join Matt Graham, TV host with Discovery and National Geographic the friendly team at the majestic Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch for a weekend of primitive skills! This is a chance for you to learn both primitive and life-saving survival skills under a more controlled setting.

This course is designed specifically for people who have taken other prior survival courses, or are practicing primitive skills currently. It is designed to refine and add a new layer of skills to your belt while we go on a three day/2 night walkabout in the beautiful Canyons and Mountains of southern Utah. We will travel the land with minimal gear while you learn Primitive skills and ways to walk with the land. The third celebratory night will be in the comforts of Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch while the Kitchen prepares you delicious Paleo type meals.

Workshop Details:

Each workshop is designed to offer a more extensive hands on approach with limited enrollment to offer the most individualized attention to each student.

Package Includes:

  • More in depth study of edible & medicinal plants
  • Advanced familiarity with survival shelters & primitive fishing
  • Gaining deeper connection with hunting and tracking
  • Personal time in nature
  • Remote Base camp setting at the base of Boulder Mountain National Forest
  • Organic meals provided by Sweetwater Kitchen
  • Per person price: $1150. Includes materials and prepared meals

For more information contact

To register: please contact Bethany at

All materials and food will be covered in the cost of the workshop. Lodging is available at Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch. Camping is available at Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch at no additional cost. Organic delectable meals will be provided through Sweetwater Kitchen by Chef Eric Arballo.

Matt’s Biography

Matt Graham has been teaching primitive-living skills for 20 years. After moving to the Sierra mountain range at age 17, he began to climb, mountain run and learn Native American living skills from the Miwok, Paiute and others. At that time, Matt would take long runs into the backcountry with a few items tied around his waist, forage for food and build shelters. Afterwards, Matt moved to the Grand Canyon during a Walkabout, ran the Pacific Crest Trail through California, then peddled his bicycle to Utah. There he became immersed in the Hunter Gatherer lifestyle that people had once lived: connected with the earth & living with the land. After sharing his knowledge with a TV world, he is back in his home country of Utah offering hands on instruction with valuable skills that can deepen your connection to your roots and this planet.