House Of Aromatics Distillation Workshop | August 24 – 25

From the forest to the bottle, you will gain a new appreciation for the power of essential oil and hydrosol.

Participants will meet Friday evening at 6 PM for a casual meet & greet.  The evening will wrap up at 7:30 so everyone can get to their accommodations for an early to-bed.

Saturday and Sunday we will meet at 9:00 AM, and our days will finish around 6:00 PM. We will share a journey into the art, science and magic of essential oil distillation.  Lunches included.

What we’ll do:

  • Gather Conifer tree branches in the forest and prepare them for distillation
  • Distill the prepared Conifer material: Saturday we will distill a single species; Sunday we will create a “Co-distillation” of multiple species
  • Learn distiller’s terms like retort, charge, decanter, fraction, etc.
  • “Decant” essential oil
  • Learn about indications and applications of Conifer essential oils
  • Take part in a “guided inner journey” to facilitate intuitive aspects of learning from Trees and Plants
  • Journal
  • Share and dialog!
  • Take home essential oil and hydrosol of each distillation!

What to bring:

  • Clothes (jeans and long sleeve shirt) for outdoor “chores” as we will go to the forest to gather tree boughs that we will prepare to be distilled. Something you don’t mind getting resin stains on.
  • Warm layers: jacket or sweatshirt and windbreaker, rain poncho
  • Leather work gloves.
  • Comfortable shoes for light work – a sturdy pair of tennis shoes would be fine.
  • Sun hat – sunscreen if you wish
  • Lip balm if you wish
  • Water bottle (1 quart or more!)
  • Snacks for yourself
  • Notebook and pen for journaling and note taking
  • An open heart and inquisitive mind
  • Musical instrument, if you wish

To register for this event, please visit

Eric’s Bio

I began pursuing a holistic/sustainable lifestyle in 1988 at age 22 on a certified organic farm/meditation center. When I was 27 my wife became pregnant, and I was determined to care for all of my family’s health needs. I began poring over books on herbalism, homeopathy and nutrition. Throughout these years each time I encountered essential oils, I intuitively pulled back, knowing these bottles contained potency that required knowledge before opening. Upon meeting an aromatherapist in 2004, I felt the assurance that the time had come for me to begin my journey with these “Genies in the Bottle”. After spending thousands of dollars on essential oils from around the world, I came back to the wisdom of herbalism’s second rule: “The medicine you need is always just a few steps away.” I knew being able to create essential oils myself would be beneficial on many levels.

In 2008 I invested in a 50-gallon unit not knowing a lick about distillation or chemistry. I’m not certified in anything, have taken a few aromatherapy courses, but have loads of hands-on, practical experience. Passion for wellness and health of my fellow human beings is one of my many drives.

Meanwhile I was born exactly 48 hours before Dylan went electric. First guitar age 8 (still have it.) Started that journal in English class so I would at least get a passing grade. Still doin’ that. Walking down Waineha Power House Road one day to thumb a ride to work as a young lad of 21 I thought, “The art of living is to make life your art.” I stopped in my tracks, whipped out my yellow legal pad, wrote that down, and it has been a primary remembrance. Music and Nature have been the pathways before me from my earliest memories. The adventure continues.

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