This outdoor intensive workshop will put you in touch with our primitive prehistory. After gathering materials and constructing your own Atlatl, you will learn extensive techniques for throwing, hunting and fishing.

Atlatl Building Workshop

Build and hunt with primitive tools in Utah

w/ Matt Graham
April 6-10, 2018

What to expect:

The Atlatl predates the bow and arrow and part of our ancestral identity. With proper training and use, it is of the most useful tools in a survival or primitive experience. Matt Graham has been hunting and fishing with the Atlatl for nearly 20 years – and will be sharing with you skills and resources to feel confident to be able to feed yourself with this tool on an extended stay in the wild. The Atlatl also helps us get in touch with our prehistory, which has a very zen feeling once mastered.

This extensive hands-on week-long workshop will ace on our 170 acre ranch and surrounding area below Boulder Mountain amongst oak and pine trees. In this workshop, you will build a Basket Maker style Atlatl and Dart. The Basket maker style of Atlatl is one of the most beautiful and complex Atlatl Systems ever developed in the world (dated from 1500-50 BC.)

Once completed, the works will go over extensive techniques for throwing, hunting and fishing. Take a unique opportunity to learn the beauty and simplicity of feeding yourself in the wilderness with this tool that predates the bow and arrow. We will be taking hunting and fishing forays to give you the maximum hunting experience possible.

These classes, though extremely challenging, avoid a military, prepper or competitive approach, but rather focus on the love for these skills, and the wilderness that we still have on this planet.


Workshop Details:

Dates: April 6-10, 2018

Each workshop is designed to offer a more extensive hands-on approach with limited enrollment to offer the most individualized attention to each student.


  • Basic building materials and tools
  • Instruction to build your own Atltatl & Dart
  • Time to gather building materials from land
  • Hikes to learn about hunting and tracking
  • Sweat Lodge
  • Personal time in nature
  • Remote Basecamp setting at the base of Boulder Mountain National Forest
  • Organic meals provided
  • $1150 Early Registration includes materials and breakfast/dinner

For more information contact

To register please contact Bethany at All materials and breakfast/dinner will be covered in the cost of the workshop. You will need to bring your own camping gear (sleeping bag, blanket and tarp) Most camping will take place in a beautiful oak grove on our ranch. Lunch is not included. Please bring your own snacks and/or lunch for the scheduled dates. $500 non-refundable deposit. Full payment required prior to start of workshop. No refunds within 30 days of workshop.

Purchase tickets here.

Matt’s Biography

Matt Graham has been teaching primitive-living skills for about 20 years. After moving to the Sierra mountain range at age 17, he began to climb, mountain run and learn Native American living skills from the Miwok, Paiute and others. At that time, Matt would take long runs into the backcountry with a few items tied around his waist, forage for food and build shelters. Afterwards, Matt moved to the Grand Canyon during a Walkabout, ran the Pacific Crest Trail through California, then peddled his bicycle to Utah. There he became immersed in the Hunter Gatherer lifestyle that people had once lived: connected with the earth & living with the land. After sharing his knowledge with a TV world, he is back in his home country of Utah offering hands on instruction with valuable skills that can deepen your connection to your roots and this planet.



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