Leisure Day Activities

Boulder, Utah Leisure Day Activity Suggestions

    1. Drive to Hell’s Backbone Bridge. Ultimate photo taking opportunity and great picnic spot. 10 miles from the Ranch up a dirt road (2WD is fine), make a left turn at the end of the Ranch Road. It will take you about ½ hour to get there. Don’t venture off on any forks in the road just keep heading up Boulder Mountain.
    2. Drive up Boulder Mountain from Hell’s Backbone Road. This road can take you all the way to Escalante and used to be the old Mail route for Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. The temperature on top is approximately 30 degrees cooler than at the ranch. There are many lakes and rivers up on top that can be accessed with just a short walk. There are also many areas for you to picnic at in nice cool weather. Make sure to grab a map or visit the Anasazi Museum to find out where the amazing.
    3. Drive down the famous Burr Trail and stop off at one of the campgrounds for a picnic. Head back to Boulder and instead of turning left through town you just head straight. The road is paves and it is an amazing drive. (only 66 miles to Lake Powell). Lots of turn off shaded picnic areas. Make sure to bring your camera
    4. Visit the Anasazi Museum in Boulder. I think they ask for a donation for entry?? They have 6 acres of a preserved Anasazi ruins. A great spot for the whole family. They also have a picnic area. Drive back to the town of Boulder and head through town….it’s on your right hand side on Hwy 12 just inside of Boulder Town . When you are there make sure to ask them where some of the ancient Indian ruins are that can be seen with just a short walk.
    5. Have a picnic at Lower Calf Creek Falls. Take a drive down Hog’s back road (Hwy 12) stop off at the view points along the highway. The turn off for the hike is about 6 miles south on Hog’s back road on your right. They have designated picnic areas but I would recommend walking down the path a bit along the river. It is gorgeous, soak your feet in the beautiful crystal clear water. For the more adventurous the hike to the 130 ft waterfall is about 6 miles round trip, and well worth the walk.
    6. Take a drive down Hog’s back road (Hwy 12) to Kiva Coffee house. Stop in for a smoothie, soda or coffee. Sit out on the deck.
      The view is incredible.
    7. Visit the Petrified Forest In Escalante! Escalante State Park features colorful deposits of mineralized wood and dinosaur bones. The 130-acre Wide Hollow Reservoir on the park’s boundary adds water recreation and fishing. The park is located 1.5 miles from the quiet western town of Escalante off State Route 12.

Any drive you take whether it is North, South or West you will find some of the most breathtaking views of Southern Utah. ENJOY!!!!!!!!

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