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We offer guided day-hikes in both the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument and Capitol Reef National Park. Our guide service provides an educational, safe, and fun adventure in some of the most unexplored areas in the world. Meander through slot canyons and gaze at 800-foot vertical sandstone walls and narrows, as well as vast landscapes with lush vegetation.
We take the guesswork out of your trip, which allows you more time to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and archaeological marvels that the area has to offer. Our guides have extensive knowledge of the areas natural history including, but not limited to, paleontology, anthropology, biology, and wildlife, enhancing your experience and creating a memorable journey. We can customize any trip depending on your ability, time frame, and budget.

We have provided descriptions of some of the many hikes we offer through our guide outfitting service. For more information on other hikes and for future reservations please contact

Guide Outfitting Rates:

*Tax and Gratuity Not Included
1-2 people $125 pp.
3-4 people $95 pp.
5-6 people $85 pp
7-11 people $70 pp

Lunch is not included, but can be provided for an additional $15 per person.

Shuttle services are available for up to 4 people.

First 2 people $250 for 100 miles round trip.

Additional miles are $50 per 25 mile segment.

Each additional person (up to 4) is $50 per person round trip.


Guided Hikes

Phipps Arch


This trail-less slickrock loop hike is a secretive stunner that plateaus above Maverick Canyon and then descends down to Phipps Arch, eventually leading to the crystal-clear Escalante River. The hike skirts along 600-700 foot Navajo sandstone overlooking a red rock garden surrounded by lush vegetation and tall cottonwood trees, affording numerous opportunities to witness just how fertile the desert can be. In addition to spectacular views, this easy/moderate loop hike (requiring a shuttle) will take you to ancient panels of rock art (pictographs) and, of course, the spectacular Phipps Arch. Once you arrive at the Escalante river, there are a few crossings where you can dip your feet into the refreshing water. This hike is truly a gem.

**Phipps Arch hike can be combined with the Bowington Arch hike.

Distance: 6 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Hike provided in Spring/early Summer (April-June) and late Summer/Fall (August-November)

Bowington Arch

Guided Hikes

This route takes you beyond Phipps Wash tributary to the prominent Bowington Arch. You will travel along the Escalante River through steep and colorful walls of Windgate and Navajo Sandstone. Along the hike there are two prominent archaeological rock art sites: one a small cave with pictographs and another boulder wall chalked full of petroglyphs. After viewing these historical sites, continue onto the arch. There are several natural pools that are adjacent to the hike, which are amazing to enjoy in the warmer months and especially after a rainstorm. During the spring and early summer months wildflowers will be out and full bloom. The fall months award you with a brilliant array of autumn foliage.

Distance: 6 ½ miles
Difficulty : Moderate
Hike provided in Spring/early Summer (April-June) and late Summer/Fall (August-November)


This amazing hike will lead you into Windgate Sandstone with sheer walls that narrow to about 3 ft across and reach heights of over 700 ft. As the canyon narrows you will be in awe of what the natural art gallery has on display, including arches and stone catacombs delicately placed by natures erosive hand. This truly magical place was created by volcanic activity that flourished over 250 million years ago, leaving behind hardened cinder cones offering a variety of purple hues with a breathtaking background. Due to the volcanic activity and mother nature’s talent, a unique geological phenomenon has created an abundance of petrified trees, another highlight of the trip. There are several different routes you can choose from depending on your time frame and ability.

**The hike can loop into Little Death Hollow.

Distance: 6 miles
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Hike provided in Spring/early Summer (April-June) and late Fall (Mid September-November)

Escalante River Bridge to Sand Creek

This is an easy day hike where you will encounter petroglyphs, Anasazi ruins, a spring, an arch and a Natural Bridge. You must be willing to get your feet wet as there are numerous river crossings through calf-deep water. This hike is a spectacular stroll through a lush riparian area along the Escalante river, you might spot many types of flora and fauna including wild turkeys, hawks, deer, and a variety of cacti and wild flowers.

Distance: 7 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Hike provided May through September

Cream Cellar Route

This easy 3 mile hike is accessed off Highway 12 and takes you to the rim of the Escalante river canyon for dramatic vistas. This is the historic mule route where cream was once carried from Boulder to Escalante. Portions of the old cream cellar are still visible today. The hike ends at the spectacular setting of the Kiva Koffee House where you can enjoy a beverage with a view of the canyon.

Distance: 3 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Hike provided April through October

Zebra and Tunnel Slots

A moderate hike to a short, spectacular slot known for its unique pattern of pink and white stripes which are extremely photogenic. Hike starts about 8 miles down the Hole-in-the-Rock road. Climbing and stemming are required to reach the main part of the slot and negotiate a small pour-off. Carrying large packs should be avoided as the narrows are narrow. Not a good hike on hot days. May require swimming.

Distance: 5 miles roundtrip
Difficulty: Moderate
Hike provided in Spring/early Summer (April-June) and late Summer/Fall (August-November)

Peek-a-boo and Spooky Slot Canyon

Guided HikesAlthough this hike is popular, it is not easy to navigate. This non-technical but challenging loop hike will cover two uniquely different slot narrows (not intended for those that are claustrophobic). Peek-a-boo is an easy scramble up a rock ledge where you’ll find yourself needing to crawl over more small sandstone entrances which access stone sculptured chambers with several arches that you pass through to reach the end (or the beginning) of this amazingly sculptured wonderland. Spooky slot canyons boast serpentine curves, arches, pour overs, tunnels and occasional choke stones. The slot gets fairly tight in areas warranting a side (vs frontal) approach to pass. The twists and turns of this slot canyon create an eerie and haunting nature, hence the name Spooky. This loop hike includes panoramic views over Hole-in-the-Rock road and it’s amazing playground. This exciting and fun hike is great for all ages.


Distance: 3 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Hike provided in Spring/early Summer (April-June) and Fall (Mid September-November)

Additional day hikes include: Little Death Hollow, Fiftymile Creek, Upper Muley Twist. (see below)



Little Death Hollow

This scenic trip is a spectacular loop hike adventure which takes you through Windgate and Kayenta Sandstone (rare for the area) into narrow passages then through a long colorful slot canyon. During the trip you will see petroglyphs, pictographs and enjoy the vast scenic natural playground. The area is littered with petrified wood, another unique feature offered on the hike. In the spring, the hike warrants an abundance of wildflowers and other plant life due to the aquifers in the area. You can even find freshwater mountainside springs throughout this hike in the spring months. The autumn months provide an abundance of truly colorful foliage. Swimming holes are available to cool off in just off the trail; a nice treat during the warmer temperatures. Camp sites along the route are lush and are often located under or around the lush patches of Cottonwood trees. This is a moderate hike with only one area that requires technical maneuvering over a boulder.

Distance: Varies
Difficulty: Moderate
Hike is offered in Spring-Early Summer (April-June) and Fall (Mid September-November)

Red Break Narrow

Guided Hikes

This hike leads you through a spectacular slot canyon; one of the longest in the area. The hike into the narrows is a beautiful vast landscape where you can see the many formations of natures creative work with sandstone. As you approach the narrows the walls tighten; you are now in the slot canyon that continues for another 1.5 miles. This is not a loop hike but can be made into one after linking up with the 10 miles loop in Harris Wash. There is one section where you will need to chimney the choke-stone, which is the only technical move during the hike. This hike offers many distinct features along the way. Great for a family or group hike as it allows for many types of abilities.

Distance: 4-5 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Hike is offered in spring and fall when temperatures are mild.

Our Guide Colter Hoyt

Colter has been guiding people of all abilities into the mountains and canyons for most of his life. As a guide and leader he will fill you in on the local history as you walk, from the Ancient Ones… to modern day. He not only knows, and loves to study, the edible and medicinal plants used by the natives, he also has a passion to share this knowledge with his clients. He is certified by NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) as a Wilderness First-Responder, which means that you will be safe in his hands. For 2 years he has guided hikes for The Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu dealing with all levels of hiker experience, and also worked with people in recovery at a rehab center, bringing them closer to nature. Before that, he worked with troubled teens and managed outdoor activities to help build confidence and self awareness. He has traveled to remote corners of the world, loves adventure, and maintains a positive and fun attitude in life. He will make anyone’s wild west dreams come true no matter of their skill level.



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