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Sweetwater Kitchen

Come visit the best restaurant south of Salt Lake City!

We are currently closed for the season.

Join us in 2017, May through October.
Reservations Highly Recommended 

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A full service restaurant located on site at the Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch in Boulder, Utah

restaurant boulder utahIt all started when Scott Ashley was invited to Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch by owners Ron Johnson and Brandie Hardman in early 2000’s.

At that point, no one knew what a gem of a restaurant SWK was going to blossom into. A blend of years of experience in the kitchen, inspiration from one of the most unique, tranquil and iconic landscapes in the world, and abundance of fresh, organic ingredients has made Sweetwater Kitchen the place that many love today.

Named after the modest creek that slowly ebbs just outside the dining room windows, SWK sits on special land. A walk around the property will let one soak in the beautiful natural and serene landscape and feel the immense history of the land.

Sweetwater Kitchens’ goals are focused on ingredients, simple yet developed and mature flavors and a nod to several international cuisines which include European, Central American and “Southwest” American cuisine.

About the Chef

Eric Arballo has lived at BMGR for 5 years and through his time here has come to love the desert and his true passion for the culinary world.

The past few years he has worked under executive chef of Sweetwater Kitchen Scott Ashley; a phenomenal chef with over 30 years of experience. During that time Eric realized that his 15 years of experience in the kitchen all lead up to this place in time.

Eric is now the head chef of BMGR’s Sweetwater Kitchen. His passion lies in not only delicious meals, but ones that are simple and rely on local and fresh ingredients that should be showcased rather than over-seasoned. His favorite international cuisine to cook is Italian and he is a lover of sushi. Eric is also an artist and likes to translate that passion into food making, as cooking is taking raw ingredients and transforming them into something beautiful for both the palette and the eyes.