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Yo MAMA ~ UN-CANNED Play Coming to BMGR – June 21st

Join us for the Summer Solstice with a celebration of theater! A play from Moab, Utah will grace us with comedy of our current times at BMGR's Syloon... Admission is $10, all are welcome June 21st, starting at 7pm at Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch's Syloon Who is Yo Mama? Kaki [...]

Explore 2017 Events and Workshops!

Being a seasonal guest ranch, we really have the time to put in energy to give our guests a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Welcome to our exciting line-up for 2017's season. We are offering a little bit of everything for every type of personality • sustainability • learn how [...]

Night Raven Sanctuary Weekends • w/ Constance Lynn

Find Sanctuary in stunningly beautiful Utah at Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch   With a weekend of: - Yoga - - Dreamwork - - Medicinal Plants and Wild Edibles - - Sound Healing - - Locally Sourced Organic Farm-fresh Meals - - Wild Nature - • • • Night Raven Sanctuary [...]

Custom Family Survival Skills Training • w/ Matt Graham

Learn survival skills with your family guided by Matt Graham. Custom training workshops to learn the skills you want - and have the adventure of a lifetime. Family Survival Skills Training Book a Custom survival training workshop with Matt Graham What to expect: Within this course Matt will tailor to [...]

Keylining For the Generations • w/ Yeoman’s Plow • late May/June

Keylining with Yeoman’s Plow At Boulder Mountain Guest ranch   In spring of 2017, Boulder Mountain Guest ranch will begin their Keyline project over the 170 acres. Our mission is to restore desert grasslands, help water flow where it needs to go and healthy soil to grow. What is Keylining? [...]

Mandalas and the Sacred Geometry of Nature • w/ Judith Rasoletti • June 23-25

We are excited to announce yet another workshop that we will be adding to our lineup for 2017; Sacred Geometry Workshop by local resident Judith Rasoletti. The workshop will be a 3-day adventure through the world of sacred geometry through art. To reserve, please email    Judith Rasoletti, PhD [...]