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Explore 2017 Events and Workshops!

Being a seasonal guest ranch, we really have the time to put in energy to give our guests a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Welcome to our exciting line-up for 2017's season. We are offering a little bit of everything for every type of personality • sustainability • learn how [...]

Night Raven Sanctuary Weekends • w/ Constance Lynn

Find Sanctuary in stunningly beautiful Utah at Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch   With a weekend of: - Yoga - - Dreamwork - - Medicinal Plants and Wild Edibles - - Sound Healing - - Locally Sourced Organic Farm-fresh Meals - - Wild Nature - • • • Night Raven Sanctuary [...]

Journey to Bliss Retreat • w/ John McKinley • Oct 4 – 8

Connect with the Peace and Beauty of the Utah land and its community.   Bring home a new way of being! October 4th - 8th Retreat Information The Journey to Bliss Retreat is modeled after my personal discoveries of visiting Utah many times.  I experienced a deep calm and peace from [...]

Spirit Dive Sound Retreat • w/ East Forest • Oct 8 – 12

This retreat is a doorway for all open minds and inquisitive souls who, in the words of Charles Eisenstein, know “in their hearts that a more beautiful world is possible.” This is a space for healing, celebration, as well as the love of music and sound. Join us for a 4-day [...]

Mindfulness and Therapeutic Yoga Retreat • Oct 18 – 22

In this 100 hour immersion training you will learn about the practices, philosophy and therapeutic applications of yoga.   Discover your true self in the peaceful energy of Southern Utah at Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch. Learn to become more free in your body and mind through the power of yoga and [...]

Bow Building Workshop • w/ Matt Graham • Oct 21-26

This course will be taught on a beautiful Ranch full of oak groves and babbling creeks at the base of Boulder Mountain. Your days will be filled with walks in the wilderness searching for bow building materials - as well as exercises that will increase your hunting skills. Bow Building [...]