Journey to Bliss Retreat • w/ John McKinley

Connect with the Peace and Beauty of the Utah land and its community.   Bring home a new way of being! Retreat Information The Journey to Bliss Retreat is modeled after my personal discoveries of visiting Utah many times.  I experienced a deep calm and peace from the land and the community.  In many ways, it [...]

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Explore 2017 Events and Workshops!

Being a seasonal guest ranch, we really have the time to put in energy to give our guests a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Welcome to our exciting line-up for 2017's season. We are offering a little bit of everything for every type of personality • sustainability • learn how to build your own house [...]

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Custom Family Survival Skills Training • w/ Matt Graham

Learn survival skills with your family guided by Matt Graham. Custom training workshops to learn the skills you want - and have the adventure of a lifetime. Family Survival Skills Training Book a Custom survival training workshop with Matt Graham What to expect: Within this course Matt will tailor to the individual needs of the [...]

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The Spiritual Art of Mandalas • w/ Judith Rasoletti • Sept 29-0ct 1

We are excited to announce yet another workshop that we will be adding to our lineup for 2017; The Spiritual Art of Mandalas Workshop by local resident Judith Rasoletti. The workshop will be a 3-day interactive adventure through the world of mandalas. To reserve, please email Judith Rasoletti Ph.D. An expert workshop leader, artist, [...]

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Learn about our Eco-Home Mob Build • September

Eco-Home Mob Build At Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch, 2017   In June of 2015 Marcin Jakubowski, founding partner of Open Source Ecology (OSE), came to boulder Mountain Guest ranch to demonstrate how to operate one of his co-collaborative inventions, an earth brick press machine. We purchased the Compressed Earth Brick Press (CED) for many reasons…for [...]

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Know Thyself: Five Journeys, One Wisdom Workshop • w/ Judith Rasoletti • Sept 29-Oct 1

Know Thyself: Five Journeys, One Wisdom Judith Rasoletti PhD, Brennan Healing Science Practitioner September 29- October 1 Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch, Boulder, UT Do you have an ability to remain calm, balanced and objective? Do you have an intuitive knowledge of human nature? Are you compassionate, sensitive to all suffering, with a generous heart? Are [...]

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Guided Primitive Skills Day Hike • w/ Matt Graham

One day guided Primitive Skills Hike w/ Matt Graham What to expect: This is a great opportunity for visitors in the area to do a one day hike with Matt Graham in the majestic Grand Staircase National Monument or Boulder Mountain while learning many valuable skills including edible plants, primitive fishing skills, tracking, survival type [...]

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Monthly Local’s Night

Sweetwater Kitchen Creates a Buzz Around Town With Monthly Local’s Night Boulder is a small, mellow town, but one this is for sure, there’s nothing everyone here loves more than a good hike or a good meal. Sweetwater Kitchen has been hosting a monthly Local’s Night that brings the town together for not only delectable [...]

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