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Being a seasonal guest ranch, we really have the time to put in energy to give our guests a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Welcome to our exciting line-up for 2017's season. We are offering a little bit of everything for every type of personality • sustainability • learn how to build your own house [...]

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Guided Primitive Skills Day Hike • w/ Matt Graham

One day guided Primitive Skills Hike w/ Matt Graham What to expect: This is a great opportunity for visitors in the area to do a one day hike with Matt Graham in the majestic Grand Staircase National Monument or Boulder Mountain while learning many valuable skills including edible plants, primitive fishing skills, tracking, survival type [...]

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Custom Family Survival Skills Training • w/ Matt Graham

Learn survival skills with your family guided by Matt Graham. Custom training workshops to learn the skills you want - and have the adventure of a lifetime. Family Survival Skills Training Book a Custom survival training workshop with Matt Graham What to expect: Within this course Matt will tailor to the individual needs of the [...]

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Destination Enlightenment Intensive • w/ El Master Durga Patricia Carroll • April 20-24

  “Self-inquiry directly leads to self-realization by removing the obstacles which make you think that the self is not already realized" -SRI RAMANA MAHARSHI What is Enlightenment Intensive  In this work, the word "Enlightenment" refers to a breakthrough of consciousness into truth or absolute reality that is a non-dualistic awakening, a non-separative seeing into one's [...]

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Mindfulness and Therapeutic Yoga Retreat • May 3-7

In this 100 hour immersion training you will learn about the practices, philosophy and therapeutic applications of yoga.   Discover your true self in the peaceful energy of Southern Utah at Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch. Learn to become more free in your body and mind through the power of yoga and meditation. You will leave feeling [...]

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Bow Building Workshop • w/ Matt Graham • May 14 – 20

This course will be taught on a beautiful Ranch full of oak groves and babbling creeks at the base of Boulder Mountain. Your days will be filled with walks in the wilderness searching for bow building materials - as well as exercises that will increase your hunting skills.  Bow Building Workshop:  learn how to build [...]

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Atlatl Building Workshop • w/ Matt Graham • May 21 – 27

This outdoor intensive workshop will put you in touch with our primitive prehistory. After gathering materials and constructing your own Atlatl, you will learn extensive techniques for throwing, hunting and fishing.  Atlatl Building Workshop build and hunt with primitive tools in Utah w/ Matt Graham May 21st- May 27th, 2017 What to expect: The Atlatl [...]

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