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Sustainable Practices

Out here at the Ranch our priority to connect with guest is of equal value to connecting with the land. Education in land management and sustainable practices is integrated into our business. This is what brought our desire to weave permaculture principles into everyday influences on the Ranch. Through studying and certification in permaculture, then in turn hosting a Permaculture Design Course back in 2014, sparked a wave of new thought processes. The desire to expand permaculture and sustainability into our business design only continues to grow.

Through even the smallest forms of efficiency, such as solar showers, greenhouses, and foraging whenever possible for our restaurant, Sweetwater Kitchen, we are able to help support the land and keep it rejuvenated. From the protection of our watershed through having a strict usage of biodegradable products from cleaning products to amenities provided for guests, we continue to strive for the best possible stay for our guest with the least amount of negative impact on the land that we love.

Our beloved chickens and ducks are a part of our rejuvenation of the land by using rotational grazing practices with our chicken tractor. These lovely birds also provide us with 100% organic farm fresh eggs which are offered to guests through our restaurant.

Our conservation projects with Trout Unlimited and Craig Sponholtz represent our commitment to protecting and conserving water resources through a desertification project, helping to enrich and rejuvenate the land and its resources, while repopulating wildlife.

Main page photoHere at the ranch our focus has been to replenish the diverse biology in our soil at our Ranch’s own soil lab. Dedicated members of our team work vigorously to build organic healthy compost and compost tea for the land and the surrounding area‚Ķ because it is all about the life in the soil. Other aspects we strive for, is the use of local resources found in the area from local mills to flagstone we harvest from our own land. Our hand- made furniture is made fro local wood mainly deadfall gathered which helps maintain our area’s natural living biome, by only creating rather than cutting down or destroying. Lastly, we are proud to support our local and regional spokespeople and teachers through workshops such as Permaculture Design Course, Life In The Soil and Wild Edible Weeds workshop. From years past as well as the upcoming season, we are confident our zest for natural living and permaculture will only continue to inspire through our upcoming workshops.

Through educating all listening ears in the surrounding area we have built a fundamental holistic lifestyle. We hope to inspire and attract guests and visitors to the benefits of bettering the land. We reside in to ensure a sustainable future. While we personally feel we are taking steps towards becoming a respected eco-lodge, our passion and desire to improve keeps us moving forward.