Keylining at BMGR – A Step Towards Resilience

Beginning the BMGR Keylining Experience

Wow, what an awesome event to be a part of! On May 18, 2017 the Ranch Owners, land restorers, soil enhancers, conservationists, local ranchers, and permaculture novices gathered to welcome Owen Halblutzel, as he introduced our newest piece of holistic agricultural equipment: Yeoman’s Keyline Plow.
Something special about this demonstration, was the incorporation of BMGR specialty “Compost Tea” into the operation of the plow, for rapid soil fertility enhancement. Soil expert Will Cranfill had prepared a jug of our own tea to be hooked up to the plow, to be uniformly injected into the soil as it the plow creates the keyline pattern. The purpose of the plow is to maximize the water resource benefits on a given piece of land, which in turn creates greater drought resilience, and accelerates soil-biological activity by increasing the total organic matter within the soil.
Along with the mindful and holistic principles of keylining, this low impact plow customizes a land-sculpting treatment for each individual geo-topographical environmental system.  Essentially, it helps us mimic stable ecosystems that have developed by supporting positive associations between the living things within them. The implementation of Yeoman’s plow with Compost Tea follows the master permaculture design that is currently in place for our 170 acre property. It will accelerate the recent gains we’ve seen in the land restoration project currently underway at the uppermost parts of the property, and lead us towards better soils and healthier ecosystems throughout.
The demonstration combined practical application to an ever growing problem, unhealthy soils. The Yeoman’s plow is intended to be shared by our community landowners. In the coming years we hope to see our community gain the benefits of the keyline principles in which healthy soils are abound, water is conserved, nutritious plants and food systems thrive. We will keep you posted of the progress.

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