Mandalas and the Sacred Geometry of Nature • w/ Judith Rasoletti • June 23-25

We are excited to announce yet another workshop that we will be adding to our lineup for 2017; Sacred Geometry Workshop by local resident Judith Rasoletti. The workshop will be a 3-day adventure through the world of sacred geometry through art. To reserve, please email 


Judith Rasoletti, PhD

Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

An expert workshop leader and program director, Judith has over three decades of experience in bringing to life the sacred traditions of West and East in seminars all over the US and Europe. She inspires participants with her passion and knowledge of the Western spiritual traditions, the Kabalah, alchemical symbolism and sacred geometry. Most popular are her experiential workshops on meditation, mindfulness and energy medicine where she combines lectures with ceremony, poetry and music to bring profound healing and transformation to all present.




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