Destination Enlightenment Intensive • w/ El Master Durga Patricia Carroll • April 20-24


“Self-inquiry directly leads to self-realization by removing the obstacles which make you think that the self is not already realized”

What is Enlightenment Intensive 

In this work, the word “Enlightenment” refers to a breakthrough of consciousness into truth or absolute reality that is a non-dualistic awakening, a non-separative seeing into one’s true nature as Sat-Chit-Ananda (truth, consciousness, bliss). The unity, perfection, and wholeness of all that is can be realized through your own direct experience. Learn more on the benefits of an EL Retreat.

The Uniqueness of this EL Retreat

The creator of this work, Charles Berner, “Yogeshwar,” found with hundreds of participants that if the given technique for contemplative self-inquiry is done diligently with a one-pointed focus for three days, the mind will usually dissolve and enlightenment is quite likely to occur. Each participant works on one question for the duration of the retreat: “Who am I?”, “What am I?”, “What is another?”, or “What is life?”. This focuses the mind, like a koan, which is not meant to bring an intellectual or conceptual answer, but a direct experience of Reality, an enlightenment experience, a union.


It can be challenging to be a modern mystic diving into the Mystery while fully engaged in life, but with support and guidance it is possible. In fact it is a blessed opportunity to have the desire, intention and time to consciously evolve through our own self-inquiry, contemplation and meditation. Together we will shed ego’s habitual conditioning in order for our True Nature to come forth from this Sacred Space.  Here our full potential can flower as we will create higher forms of beauty, love, service, and harmony.
Come out into the sunlit garden and let’s play together as we create an artful life, a heaven on Earth.
I hope to meet and co-create with you soon!
– Durga Patricia Carroll


The Benefits of doing an EL: 

  • Focused self-inquiry within using a technique combining contemplation and communication with deep listening and contact with another.
  • Learning in a safe and supportive environment to be fully present to what is and to communicate to another from that place with an open heart.
  • Practicing alternatively doing your own inner work with being present unconditionally for another while tuning out distractions around you.
  • Watching the process clear the mind, dissolve old identities, beliefs and concepts, while bringing insights and realizations.
  • Surrendering into the unknown as you directly experience who/what you/ life/ another is.


April 20-24, 2017

  • $850 which includes 4 days of Self-inquiry, Tuition, Instruction by Durga and a well trained staff. All vegetarian meals, snacks and teas
  • A non-refundable deposit of $250 is due at registration. 
  • Lodging is discounted for the attendees. Contact for lodging rates and reservations.


Durga Patricia Carroll Bio: 

For 5 decades yoga has been Durga’s close companion. Early in life she asked that she have access to her teachers easily, that they “come” to her, and that has brought her many enlightened beings. It was later in life when she found that self-inquiry in enlightenment intensive retreats which have become a way of life for her and the place of deep transformation. In July of 2004, she received her El Masters Training Certification from Lawerence Noyes, a long time student of El originator Charles Berner (Yogeshwar). “Being in service by facilitating the work for others is like watching the Divine unfold and flower before my own eyes,” Durga says. It is her honor to support your unfolding divinity by teaching you a most valuable technique for inquiry.

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 How to Register:

There is a$250 non-refundable deposit for program tuition, meals, and snacks to secure your spot; space is limited.

Click here to Register directly with Durga Patricia Carroll – for the retreat fees. 

Please make sure to select and book your accommodations by contacting the Ranch directly at or (435) 335-7480.

Additional Questions about the course? Reach out here, please

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