A Season To Remember: Fall in Boulder

Every season has its memories, its vibes, scents, sensations… You can smell the salt of the sea or the chlorine of the pool in summer, winter is filled with cinnamon spice, spring is the scent of eager flowers and bright clothing and fall, fall is that mysterious season that is not quite solid in any way.

Yet fall here in Boulder is something to remember, the changing of the leaves is a season all on its own. The largest organism in the world, called Pando, lives in southern Utah, it is a humongous grove of Aspen trees, all clones of each other, all off shoots of its neighbors roots. Their bright white tall slender trunks and dark green leaves turn an unbelievable shade of golden yellow in the fall. The groves high up on Boulder Mountain all seem to change in splotches, and after a while it looks as though the entire mountain was splashed with a bucket of yellow paint by a clumsy giant who was passing by.

The air outside is crisp, yet not too cold, and the nights are refreshing, it is still a delight to be outside. Fall is a special time to go out hiking in these parts; lake fishing, mountain trail hiking, and simply scenic driving are something to truly remember. And then before you know it, the trees are naked and that hue of gold sticks in your mind until the next season…




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